Tire/Steering wheel vibration Honda Civic


I have a '04 Civic, 70,000 miles, and for the last month I noticed a vibration that comes and go from the front end of the car when it’s moving between 30-40 mph (foot gently on the gas). The steering wheel would shake and it feels like I’m driving over grids. The shaking goes away when I release the gas or accelerates over 40mph. Had the tires balanced and rotated and the problem persist. Took it to a mechanic and he couldn’t find anything. I really appreciate any help or suggestions that you can provide. Thank you.

Wheel end related vibrations (tires, wheels, brake rotors, etc.) generally occur in the 50 to 70 mph speed range (with a couple of exceptions) and will be there regardless of what you do. Accelerating, braking, turning, etc. will have no effect.

It sounds like you have an engine that isn’t quite running right. So a look into the fuel system and the ignition system is in order. This is going to require a bit of diagnositc work and there may be a charge for this. Simply downloading the codes is not enough. You need to find someone who is willing to “much around” a little - and, of course, he is going to want to be paid for his time.

BTW, it’s also possible that this is related to the transmission, so carefully documenting when it happens and when it doesn’t will go a long way towards helping sort this out.

Joescripts, did you find the problem. I have a 05 civic with automatic. I can tell the same story. Mech couldn’t find it. 20K miles later it’s still there. 38mph.

If a Honda or Acura feels like it’s driving on rumble strips around 40 MPH, the first thing to suspect is the torque converter.