Help please

I have a 98 civic lx. This problem happened yesterday and 2 days ago. Before that about a month ago, so it does not happen all the time. The front end of my car shakes when I let off the gas. For example when I accelerate up to 50-70 no problems but when I let off the gas the front end shakes, steering wheel shakes and car pulls to the right. It also happens when I let off the gas to push the clutch in. The problem seems to occur when I’m coasting, not accelerating. There is no popping, clunking, or any unusual sounds. I know I have a small pin hole in my inside p.s. axle boot and its throwing grease but if it was my cv joint wouldn’t I have problems when I’m accelerating and wouldn’t there be some noise? Could it be a bent rim or something like that? Any suggestions or a place to start would be a big help. Thanks Tim

First, jack up the vehicle so the front tires are off the ground. Grab each front tire at the 3 & 9 oclock positions and try wiggling the tires to see if there’s any play in the steering. if there’s any play in the tires while wiggling them, look for worn tie rod ends.


Find the slop in your steering or suspension. It’s there someplace!

Get the boot replaced too or you’ll be replacing that cv-joint too.

Warped rotors or bent rims wobble all the time not just when coasting.

You could have worn out tie rod ends and worn ball joints.