Car Seat Outrage

I have three nephews ages 4, 3, and 1. During the the summer, it’s not uncommon for me to do some babysitting, I have bought three $350 car seats in the the last few years. It is what it is.


It sounds like the purchase was already made. But don’t they normally have a seat that detaches from a base? Perhaps you could just get a second base for your car and the seat can move from car to car.

What proof does one have that something exceeds the standards?
Assertions of the seller don’t count. Neither does a high price.
Do I have to set up my own testing lab to second guess the government?
Maybe I do, now that we live in an era of de-regulation.
I guess you’re OK with de-regulation if you don’t trust them in the first place.

There are a number of organizations that test and report on the quality of consumer goods, such as Consumer Reports. I wouldn’t rely on a single one, but if a number of them arrive at the same quality standard test results, I’d trust those results.

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I would have donated them to Goodwill or another charity thrift store. If they can’t use or resell them, they can also toss them or donate them to someone who is in need.

Also, if they’re little more than 6-10 years old, I’m betting the plastic is recyclable.

Agreed with donating the car seats to Goodwill, and letting them make the call. I also take the same approach with recycling.

If you donate/drop off something with a chance of getting recycled or reused, that’s better than nothing.

If you just trash the item, there’s a 100% chance it won’t get recycled or reused.

I didn’t realize that the more expensive baby car seats were safer. I thought it was because the more expensive car seats had ash trays.


Nobody will take them for resale or donation if they are past the expiration date which is overly conservative, no surprise. Goodwill or any other charity doesn’t want your garbage. Our trash includes mixed recycling but since China stopped taking just about any plastic but bottles, many previously recycleable plastics are no longer accepted by the trash company as recycling waste. I always recycle what is accepted…


local Goodwill’s won’t take any kind of baby seat whether it’s bouncers, car seats, bumbo seats, etc except for regular high chairs. My boys were both in a reversible Graco car seat with the base as babies until they were big enough for a “regular” car seat (also Graco, hey they were presents from my parents, so no complaints from me!)

It’s… interesting… that some people consider Goodwill to be a dumping ground for any and all unwanted goods, but the reality of the situation is that Goodwill will not accept baby seats. This is due to concerns about both safety-related issues AND disease control, and those concerns predate the COVID era.

There are other categories of goods that they will no longer accept, but those limitations might differ by area.

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I’ll be dead long before she’s out of the car seat, so disposal won’t be my problem.

You might be surprised. The more expensive seats also have the widest age range they will accomodate from my experience but even then they grow fast. We had three different carrier/seats in 10 years. Infant converted to toddler rear facing (least use), toddler to young child forward facing (most expensive) and then seat to booster convertable (cheapest of three).

Our local benevolent stores will not take anything of particle board,

… or upholstered furniture, due to fears of bedbug infestation.

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Right on :+1:

You mean like those old Zeniths . . . ?! :laughing:

i have a 1974 Zenith color set in good working condition. I also have a few Zenith tube radios, including 2 1930’s consoles.

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We bought the same seat our daughter bought for the older boy, then just did it again about 3 months ago when her second boy was born. If our other married daughter has children, we will probably keep these chairs, unless they are too old.

Yes, it is Sticker Shock and I empathize with you.
However, just buy the seat! Consider it an investment for precious cargo. It will also keep the peace and your points meter with family will rise considerably and far offset the cost of the seat.
In a short time, you will realize the price will be worth it.

Personally, I doubt the issue at Goodwill, etc., is health or safety. I think it’s lawyers and the people who hire them. Part of the cost of products like car seats is insurance and lawyers.

I also think the car seat manufacturers are making outrageous profits by promoting the idea that if you don’t spend $300 on a car seat, you’re a negligent parent who doesn’t love their child.

As an engineer, I have some sense of how much it costs to manufacture and market products like car seats. IMHO, they’re overpriced by a factor of 3-4. The so-called expiration dates are a marketing ploy.


Hello Grumpy… spend the money. As soon as you meet your grandchild for the first time you will volunteer and pull out your wallet to buy anything she wants.

They are expensive… I’ve been there, done that, even have a t-shirt