Car Seat Outrage

Hi folks, I need a reality check to see if I’m just being a grumpy old man (my usual condition) or if I have cause to be outraged. 3 months ago my daughter delivered our first grandchild, Last week my wife informed me we need to buy a car seat for her car for when my daughter comes to visit. She further told me my daughter would be sending me a list of acceptable choices. She did and, in typical methodical fashion, ordered the list according to her preference. I looked at the first two on Amazon and they were both $325.00!!. I called my daughter and said “hey, I just want a car seat, not the car to put them in.” I said " i bought your car seat in 1984 for $85.00, and inflation makes that $85.00 only worth $212.00 today. she gave me a bunch of reasons that you cant compare the two, from increased safety to more versatility. What’s the verdict?

If you can afford to spend $325, this isn’t something you want to skimp on. It sounds like money is not so tight that it will affect your standard of living.

Yes, you have a valid point, but it’s not worth fighting over.


Thanks Whitey, you’re getting me to climb down from the ceiling.


I would recommend that you go to the library and check back issues of Consumers Reports on this, unless you daughter has already done that. If she didn’t, she may chose a seat she likes for its looks or some feature, but CU may have found some safety flaws in it.

As for the cost, how much do you love your grandchild? I’m sure in that context, you would gladly pay a lot more to protect your new grandchild.

Rear facing car seats for infants are in the $300 price range. However you will get several years service from them. Like cars lots of safety features added over the years. Try to get one that can be turned forward as the grandkid grows. Once they hit 40 lbs an appropriate car seat is around $50.00. I am a proud grandpa of a boy and girl.

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Congratulations on your grand-blessing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just as vehicles have improved safety design since 1984 so also have children’s car seats. Yes, they cost eye popping prices but as others have noted the important point now is protecting your grandchild.

Suggestion, most fire and/or police departments will do a free car seat check to ensure it is installed/anchored properly. Per multiple police officers and fire fighters I’ve spoken with, a high percentage of people fail to properly secure child car seats despite best efforts to follow instructions. So it is well worth your time to let a professional first responder double check you have it properly secured.


What’s wrong with the $90 car seats at WalMart?
Don’t they pass the regulations?
When I went to pick up my grand-nephew / Godson his mother just let me use her child seat.
One child - one seat.
When he got bigger I bought an inexpensive booster seat for convenience.

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Look at it this way, the difference between your adjusted for inflation price and a modern, uber safe seat is $100. What’s a c-note to you at this point in your life?

We bought two of those seats so we wouldn’t have to swap them all the time. I just threw them in the trash not long ago and they were still in pristine condition. You can’t legitimately sell them and no one will take them after 6 years. You have that to look forward to. No need to thank me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I bought the first infant car seat in 1974. There weren’t good provisions in cars to anchor the car seats. A couple years later, we bought the next level car seat. In 2002, my son had to start buying car seats for his infant. Between 1974 and 2002, there was a real improvement in car seats in their design and in cars providing attachments for the seats. I am sure there have been improvements since 2002. Car seats are part of having children and grandchildren.

She did all the research, thanks. I can well afford the $325, but what do people less fortunate than I do?

I wouldn’t walk into a Walmart.


Let me know when you find an American made child seat.

Seen kids sitting on laps, not that it is right. A guy on our street regularly takes his kid on a moped standing in front of him.

We really liked the Britax car seats when ours were babies.

They’re a little pricey, but well designed and easy to use. Never had any problems with the seats.

That’s what I bought.

Probably when I find an American made television.

My brother found a shop that’s a CarMax for strollers and car seats. There is a range of Price’s. It’s more likely he goes for certain brands/types of car seats because of what he sees and hears as an ICU nurse.

It all depends on if you want your granddaughter to visit.

I’m thankful that My kids grew up before we has car seats for kids.

I went to a local park a few years ago to take a brisk 15 minute walk. A woman with 4 children was just arriving with her children back to her car. I had my walk and left the parking lot before she did.

NY just passed a law that back seat passengers have to wear seat belts. I am a large stiff octogenarian. When I shoehorn myself into the back seat of my daughters Corolla, there is no way I can find the buckle that is beneath me.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. The overwhelming majority of people spend less than $120 on a car seat for an infant/toddler, and less than $60 on a booster seat for children ages 5-10. As with everything else in life, there are budget models, mainstream models, and “stroke your ego” models. One can cook a great dinner on a $60 charcoal grill, but one could also spend $1000 on a Traeger or Big Green Egg and get the same exact result.

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Wouldn’t you rather have a car seat that exceeds government standards than one that merely satisfies them? Like most people, I only trust the government to a point.