Katzkin leather seats?

I have been OBSESSED with my ex-boyfriends Katzkin leather interior since we met. I am really eager to get a kit but wanted to know if anyone has successfully installed them? How did they come out? I am no longer dating him and doing this all on my own… the reason for the silly questions… LOL. The kit I wanna buy is at shopsar.com. Any ideas?!?! Thanks! :wink:

I’ve no experience with this, but I do know you don’t want to do this if your front seats have side airbags built in. Do they?

Sounds like a shill post to me.


no airbags in front seats… im thinking i may have to go to the dealer where i got my car or a shop? sorry, im so clueless LOL… i really have no idea where to even begin but figured i’d try n get some insight online. he installed them himself but i wouldnt even know where to begin…

It may not be.

If you are really bent on doing this, seek out an automotive trim shop. The price may be high, but if this is what you want and have the money, why not? I personally don’t care for leather seats. I did buy leopard skin seat covers (atually seat throws) for my 1978 Oldsmobile for $5.00, but my wife made such fun of them, that I took them off. If you suddenly decide you don’t like your Ktzkin leather interior, you will be out more than $5.00.