Minivan or SUV?

Ive got an odd question that i could probably solve myselfcwith a couple trips to dealerships, but I’m congenitally lazy. My daughter is planning a visit here with her family. They will be two adults, a toddler, and an infant, both in car seats. My wife’s Hyundai Elantra definitely wont fit all of us if we decide to go somewhere together, so we’ll rent something for the week. My thought was to simply get a large SUV like an Escalade, but my wife thinks access to the third seat where the kids will sit would be easier in a minivan. What do you folks think?

Ha, I’d take 2 cars you already own.


The wife is correct . Putting a child in a car seat in an Escapade will strain your back and be difficult .

Look at the 12 passenger Ford Transit .

I suggested the 62 Caddy, but the car seats cant be properly secured without shoulder belts.

I think that renting a car at today’s prices is money down the toilet. I would drive something that I already own, if at all possible. You have reminded me, however, that I miss owning a minivan. But I also don’t need another vehicle, or have time to drive it, time to work on it, or space to park it.

Dodge Caravan or similar has plenty of room


When I moved to Florida from long island about 10 months ago i needed a vehicle that was large enough to take somethings that the movers would not take. i rented a minivan. it had plenty of room and surprisingly was pretty comfortable driving down with my bad back.

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Ya need three seats then for four adults and two kiddies? When I had to rent a van with three seats I paid through the nose and supply was limited. A friend has a Chevy suv something with three seats and carted six of us around with no problem except getting into the third seat by us elderly. So depends on how many seats you need and if you can put a car seat in the middle.

Not expensive at all. Chrysler Pacifica is $180 per day at Enterprise.

I’m sure that is plus taxes and fees, which means the out-the-door price is closer to $250 per day…and I can remember when a typical monthly car payment was less than that!

Its $200 including everything.

Was in New Orleans last week. Wanted a vehicle for 4 and store luggage while we tour. Mini Van was my choice. $150 for pickup downtown 1block from port and drop off at Airport. Avis. Ended up with plan B, 60 bucks all the luggage taken to airport and at a Yellpw truck by our gate. Worked out well as parking spaces in the French quarter are as rare as hens teeth!

Thanks barky

Another vote for a minivan

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Sliding side doors. Game over?

We have a 3 row seating suv, a minivan seems easier. If you can get one with 4 captain seats that would be preferable imhop.

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I believe thats standard in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Honda or Toyota minivan? Honda uses less fuel. Pacifica is a good choice too. I own a Toyota Braunability Van (Sienna). Neighbor had both vans and commented on the fuel economy. The Honda probably stops when you tell it too.

Heh heh. Last I was in no was 1974. Hotel in the quarter was $50 about twice the going rate back then but parking was included. Want to go back to see the ww 2 museum sometime.and the Higgins boats. Oops, better edit that.

Overall MPG in minivans, per April Consumer Reports: Chrysler 20, Honda 21, Kia 21, Toyota 36. Probably not very important if you’re renting one for a while.

Correction: Toyota 36 MPG