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'Baby injured in crash in Southeast Albuquerque'

‘“A mother holding her 4-month-old infant in the passenger seat of a vehicle was struck from behind causing the infant to sustain injuries,”’
‘“Children should always be in proper car seats based on age and weight to avoid these types of situations,”’

For everyone who hasn’t gotten the memo. This is a couple of miles away. I pass often.

It’s hard for a parent or grand parent to imagine that their child could be safer anywhere than in their arms. It is difficult to overcome human nature and the instincts of parents, especially mothers. I wouldn’t want to be a judge facing a mother charged in such a case.

I won’t even let my dog, Midnite, ride in the car without being strapped in ! We call this “Driving Mr. Midnite”

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Let’s not forget, the true culprit here, the one responsible for any damage or injury, is the driver who rear-ended the car with the mother in it. Place blame where it is due. If not for the driver running into another car, there would be no talk of the car seat.


And if they had used a car seat, there would be no talk of injury. There is no excuse for not using a car seat. The parent was just as negligent as the person that rear ended them. Plenty of blame to go around.

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Speaking of dogs in cars, it should be illegal to drive with a dog in your lap!. In Florida, dogs and people under 18 must be “restrained” when riding in an open pickup truck bed. Adults don’t I don’t know if the law has a definition of restraint.
I see a lot of young people riding with their bare feet on the dashboard above the air bag. Having your feet hurled through the windshiled would hurt for a long time

%#!& blame: keep kids safe - keep everyone safe, even animals. Give away car seats. There’s a program in NM for that - new parents get a voucher. It should come with an alarm that goes off when they turn the car engine off.

I’d rather that, than having 2 knee caps planted in my eye sockets permanently by the airbag.:cold_sweat:
Luckily, both scenarioes are easily avoided by me. I can’t get my feet up that high anymore. :neutral_face:

I don’t get it?

You cannot take your child home from the hospital here unless you demonstrate you have an approved car seat and can load (properly seat and restrain) your infant in it.

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I’m guessing Troll means for parents that accidentally leave their kids in the car.

Yes. I’ve never had kids, but it’s hard for me to believe you can forget them - but some people do.

I dunno… that one summer when something like 15 kids got left in hot cars… The first few, OK, dumb parents forgetting they had offspring. After that, when those parents didn’t get in trouble with the law because “they were punished enough,” I started to suspect that some people figured out how to murder their kids without getting a felony rap.

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I have 2…never once had trouble forgetting to get them out of the car…

Is this thread implying my parents were negligent when I stood between them on the bench seat of their 1952 Chevrolet? There was a good old American steel dashboard to stop me from going through the windshield!

I don’t think it’s hard at all. I’ve raised 3 kids…NEVER EVER did at any time those kids were NOT in a child approved car seat or booster seat. There wasn’t one time we thought they would be safer in our arms. When I have grand kids - same thing. No way in hell will the kids be driven even 1 inch without being in a car seat.

I’d have no problem being that judge and finding this woman guilty,

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And the driver that rear-ended the woman?

Of course he’s guilty…but that’s not the point.

This actually happened in NH. You tell me if the driver in the rear is guilty or anything.

A man (DRUNK) is sitting in his friends pickup and is driving I93 North. He has to pee, so he stands up to take a piss from the moving pickup. Falls out and is killed by the car behind him.

I grew up and began driving a few years before the indoctrination @MikeInNH. It’s kinda funny how so much of what was standard procedure for even the most caring and responsible parents then is now considered criminal negligence.

Problem is…there are 10 times as many cars on the road today then when I grew up. People drive on average much faster. Seat-belts were just being introduced and no car I knew of had shoulder harnesses. But society changes.

Everyone who drives know that car-seats are safer…If not then you shouldn’t be driving.

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