Interesting feature that will be standard on 2022 GM vehicles

Your opinions? Too much of big brother watching?

you have to wear a seatbelt or you can get a ticket. plus most people wear it any way. so I just think its something else to fix.


Mind you I’m a seatbelt wearer.

plus if someone does not want to wear a seatbelt whats to stop them from putting it behind them and buckle it?


I always wear my seat belt and insist anyone in my car wear them. My grand kids grump at me if I start to move the car while they are buckling, they don’t want me to take it out of park until they are buckled-good for them. As a fire fighter I have seen too many fatalities due to people being ejected when not wearing a seatbelt and will get on my soapbox to encourage people to wear them. But I also believe in personal freedom and choice. I would love to see legislation that prevents someone who is injured when not wearing seatbelts from collecting insurance or a judgement from another driver or car manufacturer. Feel free to live dangerously but don’t make it my problem and don’t make me or society pay. Never going to happen but fun to think about . We end up having products overengineered with lots of safety features and lots of warnings. I saw a joke the other day that said 50 years ago a cars owners manual had instructions on how to adjust the valves, today they warn not to drink the battery acid.

IIRC seat belt interlocks were required 20+ years ago and were a major SNAFU, grocery bags on the front seat would prevent the car from starting.


Mildly annoying. I do wear a seat belt. However, I don’t want to have to put a seat belt on to pull my truck in the garage or if I’m in and out of the truck for some reason.


Mandated in 1974. Repealed the same year or so at the demand of very heated voters.

Did we learn nothing?


Agree and just something else break and be expensive to fix.


That is as annoying as my wife’s car as soon as you put in it gear the doors lock automatically.

Did not usually wear a seat belt in the old car, the dingers are enough to get me belted up.

My vehicle is a 2011 model and the electronic parking brake will not release automatically unless the driver is belted-in. However, you can release the brake manually, even w/o wearing your belt, and that is what I do when I’m moving the vehicle around in the driveway. I’m sure that more recently-made models have even more electronic interfaces than mine does.

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My wife’s '14 Audi sets the darn E-parking brake if you open the door while the car is in Drive even IF you are belted-in. I have to manually release the parking brake if I open to back it more precisely for any reason. Darn Nannies!

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NH still doesn’t have a seatbelt law for adults (18 and older).

For years insurance companies have been lobbying congress and states to allow them to NOT cover someone’s injuries if they are NOT buckled in. Seatbelts are proven to be extremely effective in savings lives and preventing serious injury. There really is no debate on that. You don’t want to wear a seatbelt fine. But then I shouldn’t have to pay for your injuries through tax payer funder hospitals and insurance premiums.


What’s new is old again?


Reminds me of the infamous '70s seat belt interlock that would prevent the car from starting unless the driver was buckled u.

It died because a number of influential congressmen despised it and put pressure on the safety team to drop it.

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My insurer insists that they will not cover injuries sustained when not wearing a seatbelt. Good for them, I say.

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Heh heh history repeats itself. New generation, same old great ideas.

I’m trying to remember but my 74 Olds had some kind of a seat belt interlock. remember if you just wanted to start it up in the garage or something, I’d raise up on the seat to start it. I know it had a buzzer and a light if the belt wasn’t fastened but think it was also an interlock on the starter.

Thing is it’s the kids now that are getting killed in cars with no belts on, as they go off the road and roll over and get thrown out of the car. Relative of the guy next door would have been ok but the truck rolled over on him. Maybe they should teach physics more.

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That would annoy me if all I’m doing is moving the car from one parking space to another, or just moving the vehicle a few feet.

It’s sort of like a clutch safety switch, something that can strand you if it breaks.

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Every vehicle I’ve owned in the past 30 years that had a manual transmission also had a clutch safety switch override.

The one manual transmission vehicle I owned (a 1996 Honda Civic Si) didn’t have one, and left me stranded when it failed. It only happened once because that was when I bypassed it.

I’ve also seen a few manual transmission cars that were designed so they could be started without touching the clutch, but only if the transmission was not in gear. I don’t recall what models they were. I wish I did.

I guess that would be a neutral safety switch instead of a clutch safety switch.