Stuck driver's seat on 04 Grand Cherokee



Hey folks, have a longtime problem that I’d love to get fixed soon and thought someone might have an easier fix.

A couple of years ago I had laid the seat back for a nap in my wife’s 04 Grand Cherokee with power driver seat and the hinge got stuck in the horizontal position, but I was able to give it a good whack and get it back to normal. Later on that day I leaned back against the seat and it popped back to about a 45 degree angle and there it sits to this day. It can still lean back, but cannot move forward past that point.

I’ve heard tell that I’ll have to remove the seat and replace it in all likelihood, but I just have this niggling feeling that all I would need to do is open up the gears for the hinge and pop some teeth past a stuck point. Would anyone with some basic car knowledge and a stubborn disposition be able to get this done? Or would it be a better use of my time and money to replace the seat altogether?


I had a similar problem with a Jeep Cherokee last summer. I just took it down to a friend who is an upholsterer and he fixed it in about 5 minutes. I was getting a soft drink and did not get to see what he did. I called him a few minutes ago but he is out of state. I guess the best thing to do is see a local upholsterer. The hinge on that seat has never been smoother and operates perfectly.


Awesome! Thanks for the tip, I’ll see what I can do about finding an upholsterer here in the area. :slight_smile: