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Car remote won't program

I bought a Scion XD used from a car lot, it did not have a remote, the dealer told me it was a repo, so I bought a new uncut remote on ebay. I had the key cut and followed the instructions to program it, it does just fine until the end but it won’t register, is something disabled?

Many Vehicles Require That The Owner Have One Working Remote In Order To Program A Second Replacement Remote. I Don’t Know About Your Vehicle. A Honda(? Is That Who Makes Scion ?) Dealer Or Locksmith Might Be Needed.


Scion is made by Toyota.

Thanks. I Should Know That, But If You Can Believe This, I Have Domestic Car Dealers In My Locale, But No European Or Asian Cars. There Are Virtually None On The Road Unless It’s A Tourist Passing Through.

Do You Have The Toyota Scion XD’s Owners’s Manual ? Is That The Source Of Your Information Or Did It Come With The Remote FOB ?


Is other any possiblity that the repp company disabled the remote?