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Car radio says, "NO"

I had to change my battery over the weekend. When I put the new one in, everything seemed to work fine except the radio. The clock works, but when I turn on the radio, the display reads “NO”. I can put a tape in the deck, and it will play, but if I try to rewind or fast forward, it’ll stop and go back to “NO”. I think, for a split second, when I turn the radio on, it reads “CD-01” before going to “NO”. But I don’t have a CD player in my car.

Any ideas on how to get my radio back? Thanks for any help!

You need to enter a security code to get the radio back working. Check in your owner’s manual and documents to find the code. If you can’t find it you might need a Ford dealer to look it up for you.

Maybe it doesn’t like what you’re listening to?


Very often you’ll find the code scribbled on a business card or something like that in the pouch where they stuck the user manual.

Thanks, I called and left a message with the dealership. Hopefully they’ll get back to me.

The dealer will probably charge you for it. Honda has an on-line service to get your radio security code. Maybe Ford does, too. I took a quick look and didn’t see it. But you could call their contact number to see if they can point you to the right place on line. Maybe you have to register with their site to get that level of access.

You didn’t say what kind of car and/or radio. It might also have gotten its little brains scrambled when it lost power and had it restored. It might be worth pulling the fuses for the radio to reset it and trying again. There will probably be two–one main fuse and one that keeps the memory and clock alive.

Oblivion! You had the answer! The more I looked into the radio codes, the more confused I got. Dealer never called back. Lots of places on the web offered a free “underground” code supply, but I needed the radio serial number. So I looked up hot to take out the radio. I even cut a coat hanger into key-thingies I needed to remove the panel. Well, no serial number. Lots of model number things, but no serial number. And no one had the “NO” messaged that I had. Then I remembered oblivion’s suggestion. I looked up the fuses in the manual and yanked them out for a minute, then put 'em back in. I turned the key, and radio! I’m so relieved that I don’t have to bring the car into the dealer, or get a new stereo. Thanks a ton!!

Lol. First thing you learn in IT: Before you drive yourself crazy, try rebooting. Glad it worked.