Car motor gets louder



I have a honda accord 96 in the last year the noise has gotten louder. The faster I go the louder it is as I keep my foot on the gas. It’s a steady sound I hear it more in the car then outside the car. I had a new exhaust system put in last year.

All the fluids are new tires are good and inflated to the right number. Air filter has been changed in the last 4 months. Oil change in the last 2 months.

I hope this is useful info. Can you tell me what might be wrong with Marsha my little white Honda.

Thank you, Mandy Desiato


It is going to be difficult to accurately guess without hearing the noise.

Hint: don’t rule out the exhaust system! And don’t rule out the tyres just because they look OK.


Anyone check the Exhaust Manifold or Manifold gasket???


Can you describe the noise? Is it in synch with the engine speed or the car’s speed?


Quote: “I had a new exhaust system put in last year” Unquote.

There’s a starting point.