Car is suddenly making loud noise

It doesn’t make any abnormal noises when idle… only when accelerating. I just noticed today that it is louder than usual. There is no vibrating or smells. What could be the cause of this problem?

Hole in exhaust system or cracked exhaust manifold are the best guesses without hearing the noise.

Here’s an old trick to find an exhaust leak: Monentarely plug the tailpipe with a rag and look under the car for exhaust leaks.

… or without being given any information regarding the area of the car from which the noise seems to be emanating. Stating that your car is making a noise, but not providing any other information, is similar to telling an M.D. that you have a pain, not revealing where that pain is being felt, but expecting an accurate diagnosis.


If I knew where it was coming from I would have said so. I can’t tell if it’s coming from the back or front of the car as I’m driving. And it doesn’t make the noise when Idle. Thanks for the smart ass comment tho :+1:t3:

Nicole17 , Have someone ride with you and give a better description of the noise otherwise no one can even make a good guess . As for the smart remark, don’t be so sensitive.

Thanks! I’m going to today. I was just looking for ideas as to what it could be because the mechanic I go to is closed for the weekend.

Have you driven the car with the windows down? Lowering at least one window can sometimes help locate the problem. Also, you might hear the noise at idle with the hood up. Start the car and while it is in park with the parking brake set, open the hood and listen. You might hear it. Walk around the car to see if you can hear it. If you get a friend to help, one of you can increase the RPMs while parked while the other walks around the car.

I have! But couldn’t tell. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that today!

Does the noise diminish as the engine warms up?

Make sure that the oil level and transmission fluid level is correct. And both fluids are in good condition. Most likely the problem is an exhaust leak, but good idea to check the critical lubricating fluids too. One other thing that can cause an unusual noise during acceleration is engine pinging. Common causes are overly wide spark plug gap, ignition timing overly advanced, or bad or too low of tane gas. You could try filling the tank with premium high octane gas, see if that has any effect. Or see if the noise goes away if you shift to a lower gear, like from 5 to 4. My car has developed a little ping accelerating up steep hills in 5th, which I plan to address shortly by changing out the spark plugs.

Can you describe the noise? Is it a bang, bang, bang noise or a ticking? Or a whining? Or like a loud motorcycle? A whistle or a creaking? Like popcorn popping?