2006 GMC Envoy is so loud!

My Car is so loud! I have replaced the muffler system from the catalytic converter to the tail pipe, a soloniod on the side of the motor & a blower of some kind. All parts of the exhaust system. My check engine light is on keeps coming back ( when tested with a hand held tester) with codes related to the exhaust system I don’t think there are many more items to change. The vehicle got so much louder after I had the new muffler etc put on & the longer I drive it at one time the louder it gets!!

Any ideas to make the noise stop?? Please!

Sorry if this isn’t to clear.

Have you returned to the place that did the exhaust work ? A bad exhaust noise will get louder as speed increases but distance and driving time should not be a factor. You might have someone ride with you and see what there description of the noise is .
Also post just what this 'blower ’ and ’ solenoid ’ actually are from your paper work .