Car locks me out

My 2008 Hyundai Elantra likes to play KeepAway.

The driver’s door randomly locks itself when I get out of the car. Just the driver’s door. I have learned either to make sure the others are unlocked or to take my keys with me, even if it’s just to pump gas.

Might this be some easily replaceable or resettable circuitry, or do I just have to live with it?

The cheapest solution would be to disconnect the wires leading to the door lock actuator, tape it securely, and always use your keys.

Most electric door locks can be programmed to manual only. Both our Toyota and Mazda had the doors lock automatically once you put the seat belt on. This was annoying when letting someone in the car when you are seated in the driver’s seat. It also wears out the locks prematurely. They are now on manual and can be controlled from the driver’s as well as from the key fob.

Take the car to the dealer and the kids there can reprogram your key and lock.

Just leave the window open when you get out. I do that when I go to the gas station. Thats what I do.

I too am paranoid. My car has never locked on me, but I always roll the window down enough to reach in and unlock it if I am going to be leaving it running and I exit the vehicle.

I have a running battle with our Acura doing that in the garage. It only does it with my fob though and not my wifes. So I think it is in the programing of it for “driver 2”. I’ve given up though and just watch it lock itself in the garage as I stand by. In my other car, I leave the key on the dash in the garage but always have the window down but it has never locked itself. Try re-programing the fob or go back to factory defaults.

Put the valet key in your change pocket.

These systems are controlled by the programming in the Body Control Module. The dealer’s parts window guy can probably print a programming protocol for you if your Owner’s Manual deosn;t address it, or if he cannot you might find one in a Hyundai forum, but beyond that I think the best bet is to simply carry a spare key.

Put a spare key in your wallet, just in case.

Sounds like the door switch module or wiring has a problem. You get a new module. I would take the door panel off and check for bare wires first.