How can I disengage the auto-locking system in my 05 Honda Element?

I just got rid of my 99 Ford Explorer =:( which had the same self locking feature but if you didn’t like it you could disengage it through the keypad on the driver’s door. Is there a way to do the same w/my Element?

Does the owner’s manual say anything about this?

The manual on my 2002 Sienna (Toyota) has a complicated system with the key, sort of hocus pocus which changes the Toyota alarm from auto-lock to manual. The only problem is I don’t have a Toyota alarm, but a cheap disgusting TRW alarm.

So, I wonder if the Honda doesn’t have the same sort of set-up.

I did google, and found some vague references that this was programmable. Ask the dealer in your area?

Not a word

Yeah. I imagine that there is such a hocos pocos method I just need magic words.

The owners manual is useless…on this and most everything else too. It’s more like an idiots guide. I have a 97 accord and the owners manual for it is like a service manual compared to this one.

I bought it from a Nissan dealer and I guess I’ll have to find a Honda dealer and have a talk.

I hate computer devices that think for you and make decisions like locking the door!

Everything these days is controlled by a programmable “body control module”. basically a computer. Most of these features are programmable. Call the dealer’s service department and perhaps they can tell you how to reprogram it, if it’s at all possible. Don’t be too optimistic…it’s a safety feature and they may not want to help you disable it.

Leave it to the little woman! My wife actually played around with the remote and managed to get the car to not lock when you close the door. I’m not sure of the sequence yet but, if you unlock all the doors and shut the drivers door (and say abbrakadabra)it seems to STAY unlocked. Clearly more study needs to take place.

I will schedule a consultation w/a Honda service tech soon.