Headlights/ doorlocks

i just bought a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT i am wanting to change the headlight to LED i found a pair of replacement headlight assembly’s from Xtralights they say that they are dot compliant are they Legal to use on the road in WA state??

the guy i bought the car from did not have the keyfob and when i lock the car i have to Manuely lock each door but when i use the key to unlock the drivers or passengers door all the doors unlock its very annoying having to walk around the car or reach across the car to lock it every time
will a aftermarket keyless entry fix this??

I’m not sure about the lights but a replacement key fob can be found, either from the dealer or online. But you might have to ask the dealer or a locksmith to program the fob for you.

I’m not sure I understand why you have to go around the car locking the doors manually. If this car has power locks doesn’t it also have a lock panel from which the driver can lock or unlock all the cars. If it has one, you should be able to lock the doors from there before you get out, then maybe get out and lock the driver’s door. I agree that it would be much nicer to have a fob. They should still be available from a Hyundai dealer. Or pissibly cheaper if you can find a locksmith who does automotive work.

Yes. Autozone now has keyless remotes that come with an OBDII adapter that lets you program your remote quickly and easily. Dealer charges for programming a remote are coming to an end very rapidly and that’s a good thing for the consumer. Save the adapter because it will come in handy for programming other remotes in the same vehicle line.

thanks for your reply’s

there is no door lock button in the panel with the window controls i think its supposed to lock/unlock when you push the lock on the door as all the doors unlock this way but it does not lock all the doors. if i use the key it only locks that door. but will unlock all doors thus every time i lock the car i have to lock each door manually because when i unlock the drivers or passengers door with the key all the doors unlock

Try turning the key in the outside of the driver’s door to the lock position twice in a row. Sometimes that locks them all.