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Rumbling and Lurching 2002 Accord

I own a 2002 Honda Accord, automatic. Bought from original owner in 2007. The car has this problem where when, and only when, I am at a stop, the car goes into this ~4 sec cycle of gradually increasing rumbling that ends with a jerk. Then when I try to accelerate from a stop, the engine revs for a half second like it’s in neutral before the clutch engages and I lurch forward. Once I’m going though everything’s fine. A few possibly relevant notes:

- It only does this in hot weather! No problems all winter.

- It doesn’t happen if I shift to park or neutral. The problem is mitigated somewhat if I shift down to D2.

Any ideas on what the problem might be / how to diagnose it? Thanks in advance for the help!

How many miles on the car, and has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

60,000 miles. Honda recommends you change the fluid at exactly this mileage, but it’s been happening since I got it with 50,000 miles on it. Does it sound like a problem that a fluid change might fix? I just don’t want to change the fluid and then find out the entire transmission needs to be replaced…

I would have the fluid changed and see if it helps. It certainly can’t hurt anything.

Have the transmission checked for any trouble codes. Something external to the transmission may need to be adjusted or replaced.

So I got the transmission flushed the day before yesterday and when I was driving around yesterday it was still rumbling… :frowning:

Is the “D” indicator light on the dashboard flashing?
If it is, that indicates a problem in the transmission’s electronic controls.

If an electronic problem is fixed promptly, you might be able to avoid more expensive mechanical repairs to the transmission.

This generation Accord is notorious for automatic transmissions crapping out. Good luck.

that’s what’s happening to my cousins 01 Honda accord I posted a question similar on this forum too about it