94 Honda Accord, Transmission?

When I need power from my Honda, 4 cyc, automatic with 222,000 miles on it the rpms will go way up before the car decides to find the gear. It does not happen all the time, just sporadically. Is it the transmission, the ignition wiring (which has trouble of its own), or my do-it-yourself spark plug and wires tune-up that I did six-months ago?

Sounds like the transmission. Bad plugs and wires causes missing, not engine revving when you step on the gas. I suggest you get a mechanic to check the transmission.

When was the last time you changed the transmission fluid? Have you checked the level and did you look at and smell the fluid? All that would help a great deal for someone to offer more advice.

I got the car 20,000 miles ago and it had no history regarding the transmission fluid being changed. I have checked the level and color a couple of times in that time period and it has been fine. Still pinkish red with no smells. I heard that if you have not had the transmission fluid changed before 100,000 miles then you should not get it changed since the gears have gunk on them and cleaning off that gunk could cause more problems. It is not leaking and I just bought some additive (not a stop leak but something that is supposed to rejuvenate the fluid) to put in it. I was planning on doing that today.

Do change your transmission oil change and use only the Honda fluid. If you have Dexron in there, it cause your problem. Also, there is a cable that runs from the throttle body to the transmission. Make sure there is no slack in that cable, if there is, the transmission will slip.

Change the transmission fluid even though I don’t know it has ever been done and the car is over 220,000 miles? I read about the cable someplace else. How would I know what to look for or should I take it to somebody who does transmission or engine work to get that checked ou?