Automatic transmission going out?

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I have a 98 Honda Accord with 75 thousand miles. The automatic transmission shifting is starting to get jerky especially if I increase my acceration. This happens from about 20 mph or faster.

The dealer tells I need a new transmission and that I shouldn’t change the fluid because “that is what is holding the transmission together.” The dealer price is $3500. Money IS a concern.

So what are my options? Is he on the up and up? Can I ignore it for a while or am I asking for trouble if I do? Is there a significantly better solution than forking out $3500? Would I be better off dumping it and getting a cheaper car with better gas milage (18 mpg now)?

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Has anyone checked the computer for codes?? That harsh shifting could be due to a problem the computer has found. All Honda is going to do is replace the transmission with a Honda reman…


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First thing is to get a fluid change. Find a good independent mechanic…do not go to the dealer and ESPECIALLY stay away from the national chains. Also some year Accords require Honda Tranny fluid ONLY. Not sure about yours. My wifes 96 didn’t…but I know later ones did.

DO NOT ignore this. Get the fluid changed first and see what happens. It may require a complete fluid change…Also don’t get a flush…Just purge and change.

Get another opinion. Changing the transmission fluid can’t hurt, but I wouldn’t have it flushed. The fact that your Accord is only getting 18 mpg makes me think there may be other problems with this car. That’s pretty low for an Accord.

The Accord has gotten 18 mpg every since it was bought, altho the sticker said 22. Its low mpg is probably due to the larger VTech 6 cyl. engine. It has worked well and smoothly mechanically up to the point the transmission started sticking a little before shifting.

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