I hope it's okay to ask a car insurance question here

I’m paying a Six-Month Premium of $1,068.18 for full coverage on a 2017 Kia, and liability only on a 2010 Toyota Corolla + a 2001 Honda Accord (we own the two older vehicles) in Georgia. So 3 cars are covered under that price. I have state mandated minimum coverage.

Am I paying to much ???

You’re welcome to ask the question, but you’ll get a better answer, more specific to you, if you go to a few car insurance web sites and get some quotes. There are so many factors that affect rates.


Paying too much ? There is no way I can answer that but I think you do not have enough insurance but your agent can answer that plus you might get a lower price for low annual mileage if you know how many miles you drive.

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I’ve done that and every quote comes back higher than what I already have. I just posted this question to see if anyone knows of a particular insurance copy that offer really low rates that I’m not finding when searching. Between the 3 cars we drive less than 25k a year.

As VOLVO-V70 said the best way is to talk to your agent I also live in Georgia with three insured vehlcle’s although not full coverage and don’t pay anywhere near that much and as you probably know the rates are based on mutable things the first is where you live I live in a very rural area where rates are a lot lower than in the city area where you live.


Insurance premium’s are based on a lot of things. Location - annual miles driven - FICO score - type of vehicle - driving record - distance to work - having home owners policy with another company - drivers ages and who knows what else.


Agree that is why he needs to talk to his agent to understand what he is paying for and why.

I understand what you are saying, and thanks. May I ask who you use for car insurance. I use USAA and I do not think i’m getting the best deal. Granted I live in Sandy Springs but I also drive really low miles per year, have a really high FICO, and I think I should get better rates. Currently chatting with USAA

I use Farmers and have been with them for many years.

I think that’s a fair price for (3) vehicles.

For what it’s worth, I also use USAA. Their customer service is excellent. Other “cheaper” insurance companies may not have customer service as good as USAA.

So there’s some additional value there you may have overlooked.

I’ve never been in the military and can’t get USAA. Those that I know who have it are uniformly please with them. About the only thing you can do immediately to lower your rate is to change your coverage. What coverage do you have and what coverage is required in your state? I suppose you could move, but that might not be practical if you want to keep your job.

there is your answer

The only way to know if there’s a better rate out there is to check, which you’ve done. Do State Farm and Farmers have web sites where you can check rates? I’ve used Farmers for many years, but can’t say they’re the cheapest, I haven’t checked. Shame on me.

I pay a little over $200 every six months for each car with full coverage, low deductible, and max liability in order to qualify for an umbrella policy. A lot depends on your driving record, credit rating, city or country location, and the type of cars you are driving. The difference in value of my two cars are significant but doesn’t seem to change the final bill.

I use AAA (the auto club), competitive rates and excellent service. I use Hagerty for my collector cars.

Like I have used Farmers for many years but I do check others every few years and for the difference in price that I was quoted by others was only a few dollars different one way or the other not enough to bother changing company’s for.

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Seconded. State minimums are almost never sufficient. If you cause a wreck that sends someone to a hospital, they can sometimes hit state minimums before the ambulance pulls up to the ER. And then guess who the other guy’s insurance company is going to go after once your ins. co pays the limit…

If you price it out, you can often get much more coverage for not much more money.

USAA has, or at least had the last time I looked, a sterling reputation as the company to go with if you had access to it. They might not be the least expensive, but they have a better reputation than many for paying claims without trying to weasel out of them.

To me, your premium seems high, but then I’m middle-aged with a squeaky-clean driving record. If you’re young, male, single (I saw the “we” but you didn’t specify the legal status of that relationship), have a few speeding tickets and maybe a wreck or two on your record, then your rates are going to be much higher than mine. Since you didn’t tell us any of those details, it’s hard for us to even get a ballpark estimate of what we think you should be paying.

Were I in your shoes I’d call my agent and ask them to review your account for possible rate reduction. Doesn’t hurt to mention you’re considering jumping ship because the bills are so steep (though you’re under no obligation to follow through on that threat).

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I’ve had the same company since I was 17. Different agents throughout the years but never had a problem. They operate throughout the country. When I had an accident in South Dakota, it was no problem finding a friendly agent to handle it. Suit yourself though. At least I agree though that Travelers would be at the very bottom of my list.

I looked into USAA insurance and I do better with State Farm. I take it you don’t own a home or any other assets that someone can sue you for if your insurance comes short of any damage you may cause? Getting the state minimum liability could really hurt you.

I’ve always found that the cheapest insurance is not always the best. It’s how they handle claims and treat you that’s far more important.