Car goes "wee" on Stuart's foot (A/C)

Ray and Tommy suggested that the jet of water leaking out near passenger’s seat floor is due to a plugged-up evaporator tube/drain.

I recently solved the same problem in our Pontiac Vibe. In my case, the evaporator drain was not plugged, but the rubber hose connecting the evaporator to the drain-tube on the floor had simply become disconnected. I had to pull back the carpet just a bit to see it, but it connected again easily enough.

So you ought to check this, before trying to stick a piece of wire into a drain tube to unclog it!

I agree it should be checked to make sure it’s connected. However, you should be very careful using a “wire” to unplug the drain, use something that cannot damage the evaporator, like a piece of “weed wacker” line.