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Car door

I bought a 2006 Sebring convertible in Florida last winter. The driver’s car door made a loud crack sound every time I opened it, so I had it fixed in May and returned up north. I have returned to Florida and after a couple of times opening the door with no problems, the loud crack sound started again. Is there another, connecting part, they should have looked at, or replaced, or does it need yet another replacement part?



With as little detail as to what exactly they fixed the first time, my guess is that the door isn’t hanging on its hinges right. Take it to a body shop and have them look at it.

You need to tell us what part was replaced. I suppose it was the door check. A part that that keeps the door from over extending. Spray the door check with PB Blast or a spray white lithium grease.

My 2002 Sebring does this too, and I’ve always said it changes with the weather (I live in Chicago). It got worse after my care was hit in the front driver side wheel, and I now have many other problems with my front end. Could it be that you have a misaligned frame, as I suspect I do?