2015 Nissan Juke - Door bracket

The driver side door adjuster that allows how far to open and close each door was making a clicking sound when I looked to see what it was I could see the bracket to the door part that goes to the car frame was cracked all around the bracket with just a little left holding it on to the door? why this happened ? you would have to push the door when its open hard for it to get this way. I’m thinking the bracket when it slides back and fourth in and out of the door must be a defect problem only because once I heard the noise and looked at it I could see it was to late its almost completely cracked around the bracket" this has got to be a defect issue. It looks like the complete door needs to be replaced due to this problem. I just get in and out of it why would this accrue.

Sometimes things just break. That is the reason.

The solution is to have a auto repair shop give an estimate on a repair.

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