Cracked door jam check. Please advise. Thanks

Cracked door jam check. Still under warranty, worth repairing?
Hello! I noticed I have a door jam check with a crack in it. Door works fine. I think the wind has caught it a couple times. Car has only 6k miles. Dealer said they would warranty but nothing pressing (just said get done before warranty is up.) The question: is it worth breaking the factory seal to take the panel off for this? Im worried i might get a rattle or something more annoying? There seems to be metal under the plastic, which isn’t snapped (I don’t think) so the part works fine. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all

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Why are you even asking ? Use the warranty and have it repaired . They will have some kind of warranty time period on the repair .


All I see is a hinge. I don’t know what a door jamb check is. What factory seal?

I’m just thinking if they pull that panel off and don’t clip it back properly I may get a vibrantion or rattle. And even if they could fix it, am I making this a project for no reason? Im very ocd. :pleading_face:

If so they will fix it. If your door flies open in the wind and that door limit snaps you will have door and body damage .

And since you did not have it fixed the body repair will be on you and your insurance.


The dealer will probably replace the entire door check without removing the door.



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Thank you :blush:

Ah, I see. Mine is plastic. Body shops remove door panels all day long with no problems.


From what I can tell, that part apparently helps prevent door from slamming shut too vigorously. You might could ignore it if that is all it does, providing you don’t mind the door slamming, or it is the driver’s door, and you have sole control of that door. . But if it also prevents door from opening too far, & under warranty? Good idea to get a new one installed. A door that opens beyond specs (like from a gust of wind) could damage hinge or door itself.

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I’d get it repaired before the warranty expires.


No, I believe that it prevents the door from opening too “violently” if it is grabbed by a gust of wind while it is opening.
I think that it would be foolish to ignore that broken part, especially in view of the fact that the repair will be free.