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Car dies, gas light comes on

I have a 1996 Chrysler Concorde with 190,000 miles and a 3.3L engine. Recently it has begun to die and the gas light comes on. My car dying first began when I was low on fuel…I just started the car and began to back out of a parking spot which was sloped downhill to the front of the car. When I backed up just a short distance the car died and the gas light came on. It started right away and I went directly and filled with gas, but my car has died 8 or 10 more times since then. It has happened once when I was accelerating on interstate and another time when I was turning a sharp corner. The other times it happened shortly after I start the car. When this happens the gages drop as if the car is off and the gas light comes on. The two times when I was moving (interstate and turning) the car did begin running on its own. When just after starting the car, I turn the key off then on and the car starts fine.

I took the car to a shop, as a few days ago the check engine light came on and stayed on. They said the check engine light had a code for the transmission and they reset it and they could not find anything wrong that would cause the car to die. Today during one trip the airbag light came and stayed on until I turned the car off. I have removed, cleaned and put back the battery connections. Could it be a short or bad connection in the wiring someplace? Could getting low on gas affect something that wouldn’t be completely reset when refueled? Might it be the fuel pump?

How old is your battery?

the current battery is short of 3 years old - put in car January 2008. I know the power seats in the car have recently not had the power to move the seat as normal. I will check out the battery. If I find the battery to be the issue I will post a reply for future inquiries. In the mean time if someone has another thought please reply.