1999 Chrysler Concorde dies

Our 1999 Concorde dies while driving (no sputtering, no surging it just cuts off) it usually restarts immediately, sometimes it won’t start after shutting off then magically after a short time it starts again. The check engine light has not come on so I assume there are no codes to read. I suspect the in tank fuel filter, any thoughts?

Your car’s a lot newer than my 1990 Dodge Spirit that had a similar problem, but my problem was a bad Auto Shutdown (ASD)/fuel pump relay. For the times when it won’t restart right way you might try listeneing to see if you can hear the fuel pump kicking in or not or maybe try checking for spark. It took me a long time before I decided it must be the ASD relay as the car ran fine at all other times and like you no codes were ever set either. If it was a clogged fuel filter I would think you would notice the problem more while climbing a hill or any time you placed more load on the engine.

It costs nothing to swap the ASD relay with another, identical, relay, in the relay box under the hood. Relays can, and do, fail in this way. After that the suspects get more expensive: the ckps (crankshaft position sensor) the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). They are only suspects until proven guilty by the appropriate tests.