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Chrysler Concorde Lxi 1998 won't turn on

Hello, my Concorde LXI 1998 been having this problem lately for couple of times a week. It sometimes dies in the middle of the road and I have to turn it on by pressing on the gas continuously. So, it shows the oil leak sign and it doesn’t crank up. I crank my car by just pressing on the gas few times. I have attached the link of the video in here:

Thanks guys!

I would start by checking for codes in the computer and go from there! It sounds like a fuel management problem, but you must check everything you can

“it shows the oil leak sign and it doesn’t crank up”

There is no warning light for an oil leak.
Are you attempting to tell us that the low oil pressure light is lit up?
If so, I would suggest that you stop trying to start the engine.

“I crank my car by just pressing on the gas few times”

Are you telling us that just pressing on the gas activates the starter, or are you telling us that you press on the gas pedal while turning the ignition key?

In any event, low oil pressure is a very serious issue, and if the low oil pressure light is lit up, I strongly suggest having the car towed to a competent mechanic before you try to start the engine again.

A post like this makes me glad I am not a service writer.

Perhaps check the engine to see if it has the proper amount of oil.

If your car is not running and the key is on, your low oil pressure light will be on. Crank means the starter is turning the engine so your assertation that you crank the car by stepping on the gas pedal makes no sense.
I am sure that you know in your mind what you are trying to say but we have only what you write to inform us.

Car dies. Might be low fuel pressure. Yes, oil pressure light does come on when motor dies. Or you turn on ignition prior to cranking. But it is a 98 Chrysler with a 2.7 motor which is known for oil issues.