Car Stalling

My 2001 Ford Focus, 85,000 miles, standard transmission, stalls when I put the clutch in upon restarting the car soon after having turned it off after having driven over 100 miles on the highway. If I drive less than 50 miles on the highway or so, it doesn’t happen. And it doesn’t happen in normal city driving, only after having driven on the highway for long periods of time. At first, I thought it might be related to using speed control or ac, but they have nothing to do with it. But, if I can manage to get back on the highway after restarting, it doesn’t stall out after only driving on highway for a few minutes. Go figure!

I found your post hard to understand. Is it stalling immediately after it restarts? Only after having been turned off?

Generally this kind of thing suggests something getting heat sensitive, usually in the ignition system. But generally it won’t restart at all until it cools.

In this case it sounds like fuel starvation. But that doesn’t quite fit either.

Perhaps if you had the computer scanned for stored fault codes and posted them here it would help.

What is the maintenance history as far as tune ups and filters? Do you have any warning lights that go on?

It stalls only after having been turned off. And if I let it sit for hours, it would be fine. But if I restart soon after shutting it off, it stalls as soon as I put the clutch in to shift. No warning lites go on. I’m the secdod owner so not sure of maintenance history. Stored fault codes, I can have the mechanic check I guess but it cannot be test driven for this problem unless a mechanic wants to go on a long highway ride.

Yes, stalls immediately after restarting. Ie, I pull into a gas station, shut engine off to fill tank. Turn it back on, I have a hard time getting to highway again because of stalling, but if I make it back to highway, no more stalling until I pull off again and shut engine off. Let it sit a day or so, no more problems.