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2014 Cherokee Electronic Transimission problems when I fuel up

My 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk has acted up at least twice. The first time, the transmission started to try to shift while stopped sitting in traffic, stalled, got all kinds of transmission related messages. ‘Service Transmission’ ’ Do not shift while in motion’ ‘Shift into P before starting’ (while running). Service engine light was on. Transmission stabilized, stopped shifting in a favorable gear so that I could get to the dealer stuck in one gear. they said it was a wiring harness and a software update. 2-3 weeks later a similar (not as severe) episode happened. By the time I made it to the dealer, the symptoms had stopped. Dealer took a look said there was another software update, but otherwise couldn’t do anything because they observed nothing wrong. I realized that both times this happened I had been within a mile or two of fueling up after having run my tank unusually empty (15+ miles after light came on). I have no idea how this could be connected to the transmission issues, but it was such a coincidence that I can’t let it go. Over the holidays, I made sure never to run the fuel very low. No issues (3 weeks/1,000 miles). Once back to the January grind I’m trying to look for good chances to experiment. The first fill-up, I went 19 miles after the light went on. The Jeep stalled 4 miles later. No other symptoms of transmission issues. I will keep experimenting. Thoughts? (Yes I know the last event sounds like it could be a fuel filter, but be assured that the first two were not fuel filter issues.)

The powertrain computer runs a series of tests every time you start and run the car. It’s always looking for problems cropping up. There’s hundreds of possible tests it can run. Which tests it runs on that particular drive cycle can depend on the level of the fuel tank. So maybe it has something to do w/that. You’ll may have to stop everything you are doing & have it towed to the dealership when it stalls to get to the bottom of it.

The powertrain’s computer and/or the engine computer should be storing fault codes. If there were codes, they should be identified on your copies of the shop orders. Do you still have your copies? Do you know what the codes were?

I assume the vehicle’s powertrain warranty is still in effect?
If so, document everything and check your purchasing paperwork for the procedure for “kicking the problem up the ladder” (getting the manufacturing rep into the process). It should have come with your owner’s manual. And, if it’s still under warranty, don’t allow anyone other than the dealer to pursue the fix. To do so might invalidate your warranty for any future problems.

I wish I could give you a technical answer, but I cannot.

It really sounds like Chrysler is using its customers to do the final validation testing for their cars again.

Get it close enough, get it out the door, and let the dealer try to fix it under warranty.

Insist the dealer fix it, get it on record, investigate your state’s lemon laws and get ready for a fight. Or trade this thing on a car from a better manufacturer.