Car stops after fueling

My car has started dying after filling with fuel. Only happens when I am away from home. Now after restart and placing the transmission in drive the car does not move. When the engine reaches between 2500 and 3000 rpm the transmission suddenly engages. Fluid levels are all ok. Not over filling. Dealer say bring it in when it is happening which is hard to do when I am 3 plus hours from home. Possible causes??? NO Codes or indicator lights.

Wait, so you’re revving it to 3,000 but the car doesn’t move, and then suddenly engages the transmission?

If you didn’t have transmission damage before, you do now. . Take it in, and next time, don’t wail on the throttle if the car won’t move - - it indicates a serious problem that needs to be addressed before it gets worse.

It sounds like you have multiple, unrelated problems with this car.
The problem with starting after fueling might be related to the evaporative emissions system, or it might be something unrelated to the evap system. Without codes, it is anybody’s guess.

If your transmission does not engage until the engine hits 2,500-3,00 RPMs, I would suggest that you stop driving the car, and have it towed to an independent transmission shop for evaluation. Continuing to drive a car with likely transmission problems will only make the repair bill higher.

What is the model year of this car?
How about odometer mileage?
Is it still covered by any of the multiple warranties?
What is its maintenance history?

Model year is 2005 with under 46K and when I purchased the car I paid to transfer the warranty, however that has since expired. The car is serviced on a regular basis and was gone over prior to a vacation in October. At that time there were no problems and the car ran fine. The transmission engaging at high rpm only occurs when the other problem (stalling) is happening. All other times the car drives and shifts like it should. I thought maybe there was a sensor going bad in the emission system affecting the computer control of engine/transmission. Transmission was serviced in July.