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1998 chevrolet blazer doesnt like cold mornings

I have a 1998 blazer which seems not to be a morning car. After a cold night it will not start in the morning but after I come home in the afternoon and its a little warmer it starts right up.Does any body have any ideas other than get a big blanket. Thanks MARK

How about some details.

It cold and dark and you climb into the drivers seat.  You put the key in and turn it.  Please describe exactly what happens.  What you hear and feel etc.   Do you eventually get it started? How do you get it started?  How old is the battery (original??) how many miles since you changed the plugs and wires?  How about the fuel filter?

My 2000 Blazer isn’t fond of the cold either. The starter disengages from the flywheel on the first attempt. The second try starts the engine.

According to my trusted mechanic, the starter needs replacing, but I’m going to hold off until next fall or the starting problem is chronic. At 101k miles, I’m expecting some things to wear out.

Ed B.

I get in the car in the morning put the key in and everything looks like a go for a start. Fuel pump goes on and cycles turn the key battery power sounds good, engine cranks and cranks but will not start.Come home at 2:00 in the afternoon do the same thing and it starts. Battery, plugs and wires age are unknown I purchased the car about a year ago and have not change anything as it was running so good. I know thats not a good practice but last year was busy. This year looks like I may have alot of time off to get caught up:}…

Start with those plugs & wires. And while you’re at it just go ahead & handle all of the basics - fuel filter, air filter - general maintenance & tune up type items.

If you want to focus on the no start you can easily find out if it is spark or fuel (as it is likely one of these). Get a spark tester or an extra plug & next time it won’t go, plug it in, crank & look for spark. If you have spark squirt some starting fluid into the intake & see if it fires at least briefly.

Ed B,
When you (your mechanic) looks at the starer drive gear, look at the ring gear, too; so, if the new starter doesn’t stay engaged, it could be because the ring gear teeth are worn.

The colder it is, the stronger the spark needs to be. The cold start problem could be because the spark is weak across the spark plug gap. The old spark plugs and spark plugs wires can make the gap-spark weak.
That’s step one. For step two, check the engine coolant temperature sensor, and the intake air temperature sensor. If they are reading wrong, the engine computer’s response (of controlling fuel injection > rich or lean fuel/air mix) will be wrong. Instructions for checking the ohms and volts of the sensors are in any repair manual.
[PS, I would like to know if ANYBODY ever checks these sensors. I suspect that people simply change them as a “best guess”. I (me, myself) would rather save the money by doing the simple ohm/volt checks.]

Try pressing the accelerator down 1/4 - 1/2 to the floor when attempting to start.


Thanks for the advice.


If holding the gas pedal part way down, as Rod Knox advises, help with the cold-start, the problem is likely the result of the temperature sensors I (hellokit) spoke of. You can take care of that at your convenience, then.