Car Computer

just found out Ford came out with a Technical Service Bulletin a few months after car was made to say that computer had to be reprogrammed due to a long crank time

I went to Ford Dealer- how do I know they actually did it? I didn’t receive any printout and still have the problem cost me $100- they say there is another bulletin about low fuel pressure and that may be problem.

Presumably this story actually starts with a problem that you are having with the car? Maybe you should describe, in as much detail as possible, what the problem is. Maybe you could also give folks the year & # of miles on the car along with filling us in on the state of basic maintenance items, like the age of spark plugs, air & fuel filters…

You don’t need to take the car to a dealer. Sometimes you do for TSBs, but most TSBs can be addressed by any shop. Find a good, local, independent mechanic. Heck, even I could check your fuel pressure and I’m not a mechanic.