No new computer for old car?

I have a 1994 Pontiac Firebird 5 speed that has served me well for almost twenty years, until recently when it started coughing and almost stalling. Our mechanic (somewhat trusted with a good reputation) determined it was a computer sensor and replaced it which fixed the issue. Got the car back and it started idling high. So I return it to the shop where they tell me after days on end that it needs it’s PCM computer factory reprogrammed as it has become faulty and only a dealership would be equipped to handle that. Which, after checking, we find out they are not equipped to fix that due to the age of the car. I am told there are no new computers that could be used instead and basically I am screwed. There has to be SOME way to get the car going again??

The part’s available from rockauto, but it says ‘requires reprogramming’. You might find a Firebird/Camaro forum see how to find someone that can do this. A Chevrolet dealer would also be a possibility.

thanks. All dealers in the area are not able to reprogram- that’s the big issue.

Then you need to get hooked into the Camaro/Firebird clubs/forums. Folks love these, there’s gotta be a solution out there.

The last time I ran into this problem because of the age of the vehicle…I found the part on eBay. I just searched and found plenty of computers (over 250) for 1994 Firebirds.

It’s not the part, it’s the programming he needs.

I realize that but if you can’t get the programming…buying the part already programmed makes a lot of sense. The price is probably about the same and he will have a spare computer to boot.

Could it really be this easy? A trusted mechanic can’t seem to figure it out. Tried several different computers.

(I am not endorsing this company - I have no idea if they do a good job. But they have 100% positive feedback from almost 300 transactions, and claim to do what you need done)

It does look like you PCM is only programable through the Tech 2 or equivalent scanner. But it appears that the EPA as mandated that the software code be available to limited dealer service departments and independent service organizations.

I was thinking you might still have a replaceable PROM or MEMPACK on this PCM.

BTW are you getting a programing errot code and a MIL light? If so post it for our information.

Good luck on this. Let us know how you finally solve this problem

Has your mechanic tried a matching number junkyard computer? It might not need any programming, just plug and play. I did this with a car and it worked perfectly.

With swapping ecms, every option on the car is important, like type of transmission, a/c, power accessories. if you are junk yard or ebay shopping for a plug and play option make sure everything matches up or you will be in the same boat again.

The car is popular and you may be able to find performance ecms that are already programed but at a price due to the r and d for the performance mods.