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Car colors

… and yet I was able to order a blue color that I liked for my last two cars…

No lie. I had a white minivan years ago. It was my winter beater, so I never washed it because I just didn’t care. Still looked white after years of neglect. Meanwhile, don’t even get me started on black, which looks dirty about half a second after you wash it.

On current car colors, I have to say that Mazda’s new blue and especially red are pretty spectacular.

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The only white car I ever had was my 61 Corvair. It didn’t show dirt or salt but it did show rust.

But looks great when clean!.. for 1/2 second

We’ve had several black cars. I learned to buff, polish and detail on those cars!

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My grandfather had a brown and yellow car in the 50’s. I really liked it and got me to collecting bumblebee marbles. I have no idea of the make or model, if you do let me know! If I recall correctly the brown was on the rear 1/4 panel

Our 57 Ford was black on the bottom and top and yellow on the upper body. It was a great color combination. Now there also was a brown and yellow 57 Ford in town in the same configuration. I always thought the black looked better though than the brown.

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Those colors were very common on Pontiac and Chevy, particularly around 1953 and 1954.



Back in 1957, if you had a difficult time with the multiple colors and color combinations offered by most manufacturers, the Studebaker Scotsman only offered three solid colors: 1) green; 2) gray; 3) blue.

We may not realize how colorful cars were before WWII, because of all the old B&W movies and photos. They had LOTS of colors, some of the luxury cars had crazy color combinations.


Are they still doing those? My wife drank the Mary Kay Kool Aid 20+ years ago and spent over a year at it. At that time it was a red Grand Am, a pink Grand Prix, or a pink Cadillac depending on your sales and recruitment. She never got past her blue Escort.

Here they are now, not as bad, I guess…

They still are, you’re not allowed to keep the car with the pink paint after the lease is up so they get repainted in another color at the end. I’ve seen the paint code in a PPG book though.

I still think they look like they’re coated in pink dismal Pepto Bismal. :upside_down_face:


That’s a fair description, more of a marketing tool for the company since the employee still has to make a lease payment every month.

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