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Car colors

I like certain green colors. My ‘70 Cutlass was a dark metallic green. My Mustang is Legend Lime. 56 or 57 T-Birds had Sage Green, dealers called them no-sell green. I thought the almost pastel green used on a few Mustangs was ghastly.

But everybody has their own sense taste.

Told it before but as a kid our neighbor lady traded in her 56 Ford red and white convertible for newer Dodge in %%%% brown. She picked the color so it wouldn’t show dirt. And it didn’t. It looked like it had just been driven over gravel roads even after washing. Terrible thing to do to a car but everyone has different reasons.

Having owned 2 white cars… they really don’t show dirt. Sure, mud splashes if the mud is thick. But as long as you are not too close, the white overwhelms the appearance of dirt. And won’t show road salt. I am amazed at how bright a white car can get when washed.

$##+ brown, popular in the 70’s shows no dirt. Nada Does show salt, however.

When I was starting to drive, every hand-me-down car my friends drove seemed to be green. And none of them liked green cars either. Mine was a blue-green that I had painted medium blue, a T-Bird color applied to my Pontiac. But as Mike posted, it is a matter of personal preference.

For all that I quite like the color pink, there are some things I simply don’t think should be pink and some shades of pink that are cringe worthy.

One of the worst is Mary Kay cosmetics dealers pink cars. shudder Those cars look like they are painted with Pepto Bismal.


Marnet, I’m having a great visual of you in a 1958 Cadillac sedan de ville, two tone (pink body and black roof).

Oh, but the '59 Caddy had the ultimate in “belch fire” rocket tail fins. :wink::grin:

The 58 was more elegant, for an elegant lady.

A few years back I often saw a DayGlo orange AMC Pacer in my part of town. It wasn’t pretty but sure was easy to see no matter the traffic or weather.

Awww, thank you, sir. curtsies

With me being the primary washer-waxer of our cars, I could never get excited about washing her black accord. My ruby red f150 and admiral blue hyundai accent however get my full attention.
Just a mental thing I guess.

My pickup is (was) cherry red.

Outside of the chrome yellow Ford Ranger Edge that dad once had his heart set on back in 2003 or the orange 1973 Volvo we’ve had pretty boring car colors. At least since dad’s powder blue VW Bug or mom’s pea green 1970 Datsun 510 wagon.

We got a really dark blue, looks close enough to black, wifey likes it. The other car silver like so many others.

My F-150 color borrowed an old Chevrolet engine name “Blue Flame”.

There’s some woman in NH who drives around in a Pink Mercedes with a Mary Kay Cosmetics sign in the rear window.

In my opinion, the most colorful cars in my lifetime were the 1955 Ford Fairlanes. There were many combinations of two tone colors.

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'If I remember right that also carried over to the 56 and 57’S.

Have you forgotten about the three-tone Hudsons and Ramblers of the mid-late '50s?


With that gold-colored side spear, technically that Hudson is a four-tone car!


Not pink, it’s coral.


Who’s to say there aren’t many choices? Today, you can have any color you like, as long as it’s silver, gray, black, white, or red. That’s at least three more choices than you get in any election!