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Car cd player skips when applying brakes

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry LE and I have noticed the strangest thing about it for sometime now. The CD player in my car skips when I apply the brakes. I usually pump my brakes than ride them and have noticed it almost most of the time I brake to come to a stop by pumping them. I have also noticed it happen sometimes when going over bad potholes especially in the recent cold weather, but the brake thing has been consistent since I bought the car in May.

It does not really bother me, but I am curious to know how the two are connected and if there is any easy fix for it.

Since pumping the brakes is not the recommended method of slowing or stopping the car, you could try steady pressure on the brake pedal. Your brakes will last longer, too.

A CD lens cleaner might help the skipping problem.

Also pay attention to whether or not the dashboard lighting and the lights on the faceplate dim when you hit the brakes. Could not be ‘skipping’ from motion, so much as halfway shutting off if the power output from your charging system is low.

Apply brakes with a steady, smooth pressure. Do not pump.
I gently brake. If it still skips when gently applied, I would suspect an electrical problem, (momentary voltage drop when the brake lights illuminate) causing a disturbance in the CD player.
As an experiment, while coasting, turn on the four-way flashers to see if they cause the same symptom.

Also may be a poor connection (+ Power or - Ground)

The only time it should be advantageous to pump the brakes would be when you are on a slippery surface.

ABS eliminates the need to “pump” the brakes, regardless of the surface.

My guess is that the OP is still going to pump the brakes regardless of what anyone says.

My wife hits the brake hard to slow it a bit before stopping and then lets up. Annoying as hell if you’re a passenger.

I tried turing on the four way flashers while coasting and it did not skip. It does not happen everytime I break, but sometimes more than others.

I stopped pumping my brakes as recommended, but the problem recurred. I did not notice any dimming of the dashboard or faceplate on the player connected with the braking, but the few times the CD skipped it caught me unawares and I was not checking the dashboard a the very second it skipped.