Camry braking

'04 LE; 4-cyl automatic; 27K miles. This is the car where I drove with the parking brake on several months ago, and heated things up.

I tend to drive softly and brake gently in suburban driving. I have been driving this car for about a year, and I have noticed that the braking is sometimes a little jumpy. While braking I sometimes need suddenly to apply a little more pressure, and other times it feels like the braking slightly increases. I had thought that maybe it had to do with the transmission shifting down, or maybe a TCC engaging and disengaging, but I have not been able to correlate it with any changes in tach RPM. No problem with harder braking or ABS.

Just a week ago I had the brake system flushed (and I assume they looked at the brakes for wear while they were there), but I see no difference. I would not think it’s unsafe, except ANYTHING unusual about brakes could be unsafe.

Any ideas? I will be taking the car to a Dealer soon for a different problem (under warranty). Is my description above good enough to give to them?