1995 Toyata Camry 4Cyl

My car started skipping almost like it was running on 3 cylinders I changed the plug wires and it runs better but you can hear it arcing and when you put your hand near the distributor and plug wires it will shock you your thoughts I also changed the distributor last year

A faulty spark plug can cause this. If the spark can’t jump the plug gap it’s going to try and go somewhere else and that usually means around the plug boot, through the wire itself, and through you.

Check the rotor arm, see if there is a crack in it, up inside the part that goes on the post. sometimes this will cause that kind of problem, because the spark goes straight to the post, and not out the end of the arm. While you are at it, take off the cap, and clean it with dish detergent and water, cause gunk build up on the cap and also cause stray currents.

Thanks by the way the new set of plug wires I bought 1 was bad so I am going to take those back today and pick up a set of plugs the metal end was missing inside of the boot

Maybe the metal end is still stick to the top of the spark plug. When installing new plugs and wires you should be aware, in case you’r not, that new plugs should have anti-seize applied to the threads and new plug wires should have electrolytic grease applied to the inside of the plug boots.

I thought of that but when you shine a light and look at the plug and the boot there is nothing there the wire just slides up and down with no friction on the plug Thanks

I’ve run into this problem with the plug wire clip staying on the plug tip. Twice in a row on new wires. And I ran into it on a Camry. I had to reach in with a pair of long needlenose pliars and pull the clip up before I could get the spark plug socket seated on the plug to remove it.

One brand of wires (sadly, I forget which) is constructed with the plug clip crimped on the end of the wire, and when it’s clipped onto the plug the crimp opens up and the clip comes off.

This can cause and probably is causing your problem. The only suggestion I can offer is to try a better brand of wires.

Toyotas 4 cyl do not like Bosh wires

I dont know if I should post this, but back in the day we used to use a pencil to cause a car not to start. I aint given any details, but it could be a frustrating day for the guy we pranked.

Problem solved bad plug on # 3 cylinder thanks for the help

It could be humorous to remove a distributor cap and scribe a heavy pencil line between 2 plug wire terminals too. Instant ignition miss due to a man-made carbon track. :slight_smile: