Brakes on an 06 toyota camry

i just got my brakes done on my camry it ran me a pretty penny has anybody who owns a camry had problems with the brake pad falling off at some point keep in mind i brought the car brand new last year please help me out

Toyota Camrys have consistent brake problem since they changed the brake system. My 2005 Camry LE 4-cyl has soft, mushy-to-floor brake & still car wouldn’t stop the way it’s supposed to. I have to double-brake, especially on freeway driving. Toyota won’t fix it or admit the problem (think lawsuits & recalls). They said it’s normal. Lost arbitration. Dealer won’t fix either since I pressume they won’t get paid for the service. This is the first time I encounter this kind of brake. I have been driving for over 42 years on different cars & trucks. I am or used to be a Toyota guys but now I have switched to another car maker. I still have a 4-Runner & Corolla both have the regular halfway down braking, not way down to floor. I am getting rid of them also.By the way, my wife already had an accident on freeway when the brake didn’t engaged as it should. Toyota wants to b e NUMERO UNO (#) car maker in the world. They want to topple GM for the spot. So they don’t make qualiity cars the way they had done. If you are skeptic, Please go the the Consumer Report website regarding a recent article about this.

Double brake? ???

Yeah…braking twice in succession (one after the other, or immediately brake second time right after the first pedal push)so brake will engage. Just like double clutching on big trucks except double clutching is slower.

I had a buick and it would stop at haigher speeds to quicky I think because the engines are smaller they do not make a good vacuum for brake booster some companys use electic pump for booster. not vacuum. put run in nuteral at 60moh run engine speed up and hit the brakes and see if
you come to quick stop. back sure no else is near you. keep rpm up until stop. or you loose vacuum