Can't shift into gear



This fine American product is (when operational) driving me nuts. Last month,when all dashboard gauges went out intermittently, I was advised to have the ignition switch replaced. Done $200.00. Five weeks later, the dashboard gauges went out completely. (and the new battery went dead every 2 days) Verdict: replace the IP Cluster. Done $456.00.

Since that time, coincidental, or not, it is impossible At Random Times to shift the automatic transmission from PARK into DRIVE or REVERSE. The “button” will not engage. Of course, it never happened in the week it was left at the dealership! After a frustrating weekend, I called the dealership this morning and explained that when I can shift, I can hear a slight “click” from the pedal. When it does not shift into gear, I do not hear the “click.” I was advised that perhaps I spilled something…NO!

Only 58,000 miles on this 2004 vehicle.

Anyone have an economical solution?


There’s a brake pedal interlock switch that energizes a solenoid at the shift lever so the shifter can be moved out of park. From what you describe, there’s a problem with the brake pedal interlock switch.



Should I replace the switch now and assume the problem will be fixed…or wait until it is completely nonfunctional?

And equally important, will I be able to afford a new purse if I have the interlock switch replaced?


There should be a bypass for the shift interlock system should it totally fail. Your owners manual will reflect if there is a bypass system.

Replacing the switch won’t break the bank. But take it an independent service center to have the switch replaced. And the money save by doing that, you might be able to buy a Gucci hand bag.



Thanks for the great advice, Tester! I’ve looked/asked about a bypass (like I could do on my old Volvo by sticking my finger under the brushes and tripping the gear). Nothing on the Envoy.