Gear Release

I have a '96 XJ6. When I step on the brake, it releases the shifter lock. It is now having problems doing that. Sometimes it takes 10+ minutes to finally get it into gear. How can I fix it OR can I disable the switch,sensor, or whatever is the problem?

The problem might be with the interlock switch above the brake pedal or the interlock solenoid at the shift lever. You can try unplugging the interlock switch and inserting a jumper wire in the connector plug to see if that gets the interlock solenoid to operate. If it does then you know there’s a problem with the interlock switch. But you can’t leave the jumper permenantly in the connector because the interlock solenoid is an intermintant duty solenoid and not a continuous duty solenoid, so the solenoid will overheat. If the shifter still can’t be moved with the jumper wire inserted, then the problem is most likely with the interlock solenoid.


THANKS soooo much for your help!!! Where is the interlock switch located in my car? My husband ran his hand up the brake pedal and felt around in there - but didn’t feel the switch… Could you give me some additional guidance? THANKS

Use a hand mirror and a flashlight to see what you are doing.

Tester described it perfectly well. While you get it sorted out, look for a manual override type of thing. Some cars have some way to move the shift interlock if there is no power to the solenoid or a solenoid problem. Its not entirely unlike the idea of a manual release for popping a CD out of a player if the power is off. Check the manual for it for starters, but also look all around the shift control for something that looks like a small hole that you might stick something long & skinny like a key into.