Can't log in Firefox

I was unable to log in to the forum, cadquilla. I could log in but when i tried to go somewhere else it logged me back out

And, when I attempted to log/in signup back to Account information.

I am on with the Opera Browser.

It must have been a firefox problem. I shut down firefox and opened Opera, and it worked.

so then I shut down Opera and brought up firefox and it works now.

Sounds like you’re back up and running, @irlandes, but if you continue to have any difficulties, please let me know and I’ll try to help you.

Are you connecting from Mexico? They may not have “Net Neutrality” when it comes to providing internet service…Who is your ISP?

Okay, thanks, cdaquilla.

Caddyman, yes, I am on from Mexico. I am guessing it was a one-time glitch in Firefox. My service comes from Telmex infinitum. And, it wasn’t slow service. Something was really busted.

I think I had to switch my DNS server to one in California a couple years ago. This is something you have to do in your modem/router, and I couldn’t hit several common URL’s. So, after investigating, I changed DNS servers.

Anyway, if anyone has a problem like that, shut down Firefox and start it up again. Just a quick elimination exercise.