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A brake light light switch...huh?

My brake lights are out. I changed the bulbs. No luck. I was told it might be the brake like switch gone bad. So I ordered a new one. Where does it go and how do I change it?

a) you buy a Haynes Repir Manual at the local bookstore.
b) you follow the instructions.

It’ll be switched on and off by your brake pedal lever arm. That shoudl be a good clue.

Thanks so much! I’ll do that today.

You should make sure that power is getting to the switch first. There may be a blown fuse causing the trouble. The trouble could also be a bad connection in the emergency flasher switch. Try cycling the switch a few times to see if that helps.

I fixed a car with a problem similar to this recently. If you have an automatic transmission can you take it out of park (with brakes depressed)? If so it’s a brake/shift interconnect switch. It’s gonna be up on the brake pedal and you might have to take a panel or two off to get to it. But definitely check all the fuses (both before AND after). We checked them before and they were fine, but in repairing it we blew a fuse (friend welded it to a piece of metal =D), and it was quite frustrating when the problem wasn’t fixed. Also, check the wires around it as they might be broken too (that was the problem we fixed).