2005 grand marquis brake lights

2005 grand marquis. Brake lights all work but I have to press the pedal down almost to the floor to get them to come on. What do I do?

The switch to turn the lights on is on the brake pedal. It probably shifted. Take a look under the pedal and it should be pretty easy to spot. Readjust the switch a little higher and tighten the screws holding it.

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Is it on the underside of pedal? I’ve looked and cant seem to locate it. I know its there but I dont know what i am looking for. Thank you for answering by the way.

It is usually above the brake pedal. On the arm of the brake pedal, there should be a space for the brake switch to be pushed up when brake pedal is up top.

It’s a push button switch mounted near the brake pedal arm.

Thank you all for the help. I located the brake switch but could not find any screws or ways to tighten it. So I used zip ties and have it secured so that they work. I would rather have done it the right way if anyone has a picture or diagram of what to tighten i would appreciate it.