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Cant get car out of park

I have a 94 Grand Marquis, and it’s been slowly getting worse with getting the car out of park. What I have to do is put in neutral then start car. I use to be able to just push the brake further down and that would get it. Is there another over ride or maybe a switch to disconnect. Wife hates this car anyway and this just adds ot the cause. HELP

Sounds like the safety switch. Not sure how hard or expensive it is to change or disable, but I bet it’s not very expensive.

yes, i’m not sure if they call it a neutral safety or interlocken switch. that what i’m looking for today is how to overide and i’ll fix tomorrow.

Not the neutral safety switch but the brake switch behind the brake pedal. Ought to be cheap and easy to replace.

Yes, it uses the brake switch. The same one that lights up the brake lights. I had this trouble on mine, but it wasn’t the switch. It was the wiring to the switch. The wiring was too short and it eventually pulled apart. You’re problem is almost certainly the brake light switch or the wiring to it. Either way, it is a cheap and easy fix. If you do it your self, be careful around the brake pedal position sensor for the ABS. If you move it, there is a procedure that must be followed to correctly recalibrate it. If not done right, the ABS will push back on the brake pedal too far and reduce braking.

Thank you, this is all good information. i did take it to a shop and they said it’s the wire for the brake switch had acctually melted a small rubber connector he didnt have the part and put it back together and now it works… How long… who knows. i might as well get it fixed now that he has the part.

Harley, have you been over to yet? It is a great resource for you.