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Cant figure out whats wrong with my 96 nissan pickup

Was driving my 96 nissan pickup speakers i just replaced went out, then the radio died an then the truck started to jerk an shake when hitting the gas it died on me then wouldnt crank just clicks. Side note iv just replaced the clutch altenator an battery in the last 2 months. The original fusable links in the truck were trash so i had to put basic one in from autozone. Called nissan an was told they no longer made them… I got the truck to roll start an everything was fine for a couple miles. Abs light came on an started to lose powef when hitting the throttle. Was doing it in 1st 2nd 3 would be fine then it would start again. Went into 4th an finally only fifth gear was working. Pumping the gas an barely touching the gas to keep going. Im in 5th gear going 35 at 2k rpms. Also if i cut the lights on it would imediatley start to die. Now i cant even get it to roll start. Please tell me someone has advice beside sounds like you need a mechanic. Im cabable. Thanks.

Start by checking your ground connections. It sounds like the lights may be providing the only ground.

Make sure the ground wire between the firewall and engine is reconnected.


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Get out your volt/ohm meter. What does the battery voltage measure?