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1986 Nissan Pick Up

Two wheel drive, small engine with two spark plugs per cylinder…clutch with five speed transmission. Over two hundred thousand miles on it. Drove it thirty miles on a rainy evening. Shut it off for about one hour and when I tried to restart, it just went click. Got towed thirty miles home. Replaced starter with brand new one and also new battery. Still nothing but click-click. Does start from clutch engagement when rolling. The trouble seems to be somewhere between the starter and the battery. What to do?

Have another problem with this rig, but will wait until this one is solved before asking about it.

It’s possible that the new starter or battery are no good.

Between your starter and battery is a battery cable. Check for hidden corrosion inside the plastic insulation, particularly near the battery end.

Since your truck does go click click then we can probably eliminate the neutral safety switch or clutch switch. The next thing in the circuit is the starter relay. I would replace it since it’s easily changed and is available for about $20.