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1995 Nissan Pickup and the Rain

95 Nissan Pickup King Cab 4x4, 6 cylinder, manual 5 speed. Runs great except for when I start it up after it has rained. Engine turns over nicely, but then when I step on the gas, the truck doesn’t always respond immediately. Instead, the rpm’s drop and the truck will move jerkingly forward. If I keep on the gas I’ll hear a popping noise coming somewhere from under the hood. When I’m in neutral and rev it the engine responds appropriately, but when I’m in gear and give it gas, the truck appears to just die out and not continune forward smoothly. This usually lasts for the first 15-30 minutes of driving and then eventually goes away. But it’s annoying and dangerous nonetheless. I feel moisture somewhere has to do with it. Any ideas?

Seems like some ignition component is getting wet.

When the truck is dry and running good…Get a spray bottle of water. Start spraying ignition components one at a time. Start with the distributor cap…then the wires…then the coil. When the truck starts running bad…the last component you sprayed is the culprit.