License plate bulbs - 97 Sierra


the manual shows how to replace every bulb but these - I got under there (in the snow)and it does not look real easy, as there is a Reese hitch in the way - any suggestions ?


i dont know about your license plate bulbs specifically, BUT the typical license plate bulb is a simple “wiggle out” swap bulb and “wiggle” the new one back in.

usually the whole light bulb socket and plug comes out as a whole unit.


Most bumper mounted plate lights are mounted from the outside, no? Don’t you just need a Phillips screwdriver and a little luck to pull them out?


the usual light has only one wire going to it. the light depends on being plugged, wiggled or tucked into the socket so it can get it’s ground from the chassis.


Mine had spring clips around the circumference of the light itself. They could be popped out with a screwdriver. That’s the standard step & tow bumper setup.

If there’s a hitch in the way the only options may be to disattach the hitch and move it enough to change the lights or to replace the lights with a different type.


got it just now - the socket was hard to reach with the hitch, but the assembly just popped out - looked like the original bulb from 97 - hard as hell to get out of socket - broke it, but pulled out by “filament”(?) wires and put new one in - all is good - thanks for your help - worst part was laying in the snow to do it - bulb was only 79 cents at NAPA


So the access to the bulbs WAS behind the hitch?

Then the ones I was referring to must be on older vehicles. Hmmm.


yeah it pops into the bumper thru the back and into a holder in the outer bumper - had lots of grease all over bulb - not sure why - but looked to me to be the original bulb from 1997 (if possible)


Thanks for the reply. Grease was likely applied to keep moisture out ad to maintain a good connection.

I do the same when I change bulbs today but I use a white grease. (Lithium)